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9th Annual Food Drive - Dec. 18

I am happy to announce that my Annual Food Drive is happening again this year. The Sunday Sinners, featuring Matt Horner, Charlie Cooley and Rich Howse will be hitting the stage at Timothy's Pub on December 18 for another night of fun and good deeds. Over the past 8 years we have, together, raised well over $10 000 if food and cash donations to help those in need during the holiday season. I've always been so humbled at the generosity that is prevalent during this event, not only by the poeple who come out to wacth the event but also of the musicina who donate their time to make the night such a memorable musical event! This year we have Kimberley Wetmore, Johnny Max, Peter Griffen, Peter Bo

The Sunday Sinners at The Shebeen

Talented saxman, Larry Bodner joins The Sunday Sinners this Sunday, Nov. 27th at The Shebeen for an afternoon of Classic Soul, R&B and 'Whatever Else We Feel Like Playing!' So get yer dancin' shoes on and head out to 5555 Eglinton Ave. West for some good laughs and great tunes...starting at 4pm! As usual, Matt Horner and Charlie Cooley will be with the band as well. We will be warming up a coool Fall day for sure!! On December, 18th,I will be hosting my 9th Annual Food Drive at Timothy's Pub. The festivities get underway at 5pm and guests so far include Kimberley Wetmore, Johnny Max, Peter Griffin and Waklter E. Lee...and there are more to come!! This has become my favourite event of the yea

Sinfully Fun!!

The Sunday Sinners enjoyed a funfilled afternoon at Timothy's Pub last Sunday where I announce that the band would be joining me back at Timothy's for my 9th Annual Food Drive on Dec. 18. We will also be returning in the new year on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Gusts for the Food Drive aready include Jognny Max, Kimberley Wermore and Peter Griffin!! There are more to come. Also, this past Sunday, our friend Colin got some live footage of the band in action. He particularly liked one the songs he'd filmed and was asking if anyone knew it! Well....the only way you'd know it would be to attend my shows or have a copy of my 1st CD 'The Truth About Love Tragedy'. The song in question is my own

The Sunday Sinners

This Sunday I am returning to Timothy's Pub with my Soul/R&B band The Sunday Sinners. What makes this a little more exciting for us is the fact that this will mark the beginning of a new monthly Sunday show at Timothy's . As most of you know, I spent 8 fun filled years playing "Almost Nearly Every Sunday" at Tim's with The 4 Piece Trio. After that great run I looked at taking on a new direction, so, over the past 2 years, while performing on the last Sunday of every month at The Shebeen, we've morphed into what I think is a kick ass "Soul/R&B/Whatever We Feel Like Playing" band. The dancers and fans who've been coming out to see us at The Shebeen seem to indicate that they would agree!! So.

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