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Sinfully Fun!!

The Sunday Sinners enjoyed a funfilled afternoon at Timothy's Pub last Sunday where I announce that the band would be joining me back at Timothy's for my 9th Annual Food Drive on Dec. 18. We will also be returning in the new year on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Gusts for the Food Drive aready include Jognny Max, Kimberley Wermore and Peter Griffin!! There are more to come.

Also, this past Sunday, our friend Colin got some live footage of the band in action. He particularly liked one the songs he'd filmed and was asking if anyone knew it! Well....the only way you'd know it would be to attend my shows or have a copy of my 1st CD 'The Truth About Love Tragedy'. The song in question is my own, 'Passionate Screams'...check it out!

Thanks Colin.

Matt Horner is on keys, Peter Griffin on drums and John Johnson is on sax! Man, we were having a good time!!

The Sunday Sinners will be back in action on Sunday, 27th at The Shebeen. 5555 Eglinton Ave. West. See you there!!


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