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What's Happening? I'll Tell Ya!

Spring has sprung and it feels like Winter!! It's good to be Canadian, eh? Anyone who thought we'd get through this without a bit of cold and snow needs to reconsider their living arrangements.

So with that said, the clubs are warm, the music is hot and the vibes are happening. What more could you ask for?

The Sunday Sinners are still at Timothy's Pub, only we're now playing the 2nd Sunday of every month, NOT the 3rd!! I hope that you can manage to update your calendars to reflect the change because everything is still rocking the same at this Alderwood music landmark! Charlie Cooley, Matt Horner, Gene Hardy and yours truly!! That's what I'm talking about!!

The Trio is jamming the Carrigan Arms in Burlington and Dum Dum's in Brampton. Be sure to check the home page on this site to clarify those dates. Speaking of the Trio, because you asked for it, I'm including a video of Tennessee Whiskey performed by the group with Dave Russell on the electronic kit. (he didn't like it, but it sounds pretty good!) I learned this one for my sister Laura who though it would suit my style. I think she was right. Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel when you're watching!! Thanks.

Our Folk N Spoken Word Fest is starting to pick up speed! We've confirmed poet laureate Dwayne Morgan for our Opening Gala on Friday, June 14, as well as a group of talented spoken word artists and poets for the main event on Saturday, June 15. Musically speaking we've confirmed Alfie Smith and James Anthony. I'm working on a few other surprises, so hopefully we can add them to the list of guests soon. The event will take place at Merk Snack Bar in Hamilton. There will be tickets available for the Gala, but the Saturday is free! Stay tuned for more info.

All other happenings are listed on my main page calendar, so please be sure to check it out if you plan on joining the party. Remember, it can't happen without you!! So stay safe and be good to each other.

I'll keep spreading a little love through the music and hopefully you get some.

See you out there, sometime, somewhere! Peace.


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