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Back In The Saddle Again!!

Yup!! This cowboy is riding high again. During the week of Sept 10, I performed 3 awesome gigs at The Eaton Centre with the Jazz Mix Quartet.

It was the perfect way to get back on to the groove of things. Not only was it background music played at a very reasonable volume, I was with also playing with Matt Horner, John Johnson and Art Avolos who all had my back if I felt the need to rest. The good news is, my voice got stronger each day and managed the rigours of 3 straight gigs very nicely.

So, as my calendar indicates, things are picking up. Sundays with THC at The Canadiana are back starting Sept. 24. My monthly residency at Merk Snack Bar in Hamilton also returns on Sept. 21. On top of that, The Michael Theodore Trio will be performing monthly at Dum Dum's in Brampton and The Sunday Sinners return to Timothy's Pub on Oct. 15, joined by new drummer/percussionist Art Avolos!!

I also had the pleasure of meeting up with some great people at Roc n Docs where we crashed Chuck Jackson's stage to provide a little break for the guy who's been going on all cylinders for the past few weeks. Congratulations on 25 Years of The Southside Shuffle!

Pictured below I'm posing with Chuck and Tyler Yarema, Pat Carey, Johnny Max, Virgil Scott and Penny Skolksi. It was really nice to surprise Chuck like that and see some old friends as well.

Now please come out and see for yourself how the wonders of medicine have made me all better. There are several opportunities for you to do that!

See you out there, somewhere, sometime!



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