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The Story Behind This Pic

People have often asked me about my FB profile pic. Where was it taken? What was I singing? What's in my hand? Well, this pic was actually taken in the back yard of my childhood home on Montpellier Street in Laval, Que. My mom used to play a lot of Tom Jones records before I started school and I loved the music. So, as a young child I started singing and doing a Tom Jones impersonation. Isn't that ironic?? So, in this picture I'm performing as Tom Jones, likely for several neighbours and family, using my grandfather's unplugged microphone (yes, that huge thing is an actual mic!!!) and probably wailing some ballad like Without Love or Delilah!! I'll be using a real mic on April 3 with The Fre

Patrick Was A Saint!!

It's St. Paddy's Day this Sunday, March's the 3rd Sunday of the month!! So, I'll be at Timothy's Pub with The Sunday Sinners dancing a jig and having some fun. Be sure to join me and Matt McHorner, David McRussell and Gene O'Hardy for a good time! We'll be doing the R&B, The Soul, The Originals and some Irish Ditties too!! Timothy's Pub - 344 Brown's Line PLEASE NOTE ***show time is 7-11pm***** Peace

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