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The Swing of Things

It seems as though things are moving fast these days!

I heard that when I retired from my day gig I'd be busier than ever! I guess I really didn't understand or appreciate that until more recently when I've found myself in the midst of several exciting projects. Don't get me wrong... I'm loving every minute of it and challenging myself in many new ways. It's just that it can all be a little overwhelming at times. So, there you go!

With regard to these 'projects'; I'm having a blast planning the 'Prove It All Night - Honouring Springsteen' show. Booked for July 5, the event will take place at The Moonshine Cafe in Oakville and will feature Matt Horner, Gene Hardy and myself performing stripped down versions of early Bruce Springsteen songs. I'll share some stories about the songs and the time they were written as well as the impact they had on me as a young kid, a writer and a performer. I'm already getting great feedback from people about this show, so that's keeping my excitement level up!

Now, talk about excitement! The Folk 'n' Spoken Word Fest is also coming together nicely. This grassroots festival will celebrate community, diversity and inclusivity. The event will take place on Friday, June 14 and Saturday, June 15 at Merk Snack Bar in Hamilton. We'll be presenting 5 Folk musicians and 7 Spoken Word Artists/Poets. More details about this event will be coming soon! Stay tuned.

Along with these new ventures, I'm continuing on with my usual gigs around town.

Matt Horner and I just celebrated our 2nd Anniversary of Sundays at The Legendary Canadiana. THC - The Theodore Horner Combo, have been fortunate enough to draw a supportive and devoted fan base who've made our Sunday residency an awesome experience, and continue to come out every week and give love. We do our best to give back!

The Sunday Sinners continue to do their thing at Timothy's Pub and The Shebeen, while The Trio has take up a monthly residency at Dum Dum's in Brampton, and The Carrigan Arms in Burlington. Solo Acoustic Mayhem at Merk Snack Bar continues to be a regular monthly show in Hamilton, as well.

Perhaps with all these fires burning, it's no wonder that things are seemingly moving fast. I wouldn't want it any other way. Meanwhile, my dear wife, Jackie, and I are still trying to figure what the heck we're going to do for my 60th in May. Any ideas?? I'm sure that when the dust settles (if it ever does) everything will be good!

As always it's family, friends and fans who have my back and always show up to make it happen. That's what makes all the effort worth while. Thanks for that, people!

See you out there somewhere, sometime!



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