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Waiting and waiting!!! And...waiting.

I'm feeling a bit in limbo these days. For those of you who are unaware, I'm waiting to have surgery to remove a polyp from my vocal cords. I've come to know him as Pierre le Polyp, and I don't like him much.

The cause of this bothersome bump is likely the result of the radiation treatments I had 5 years ago, essentially drying out most of my mouth. As my surgeon put it, radiation is the gift that keeps on giving! Everyone's a comedian, right?

Anyway, the reason for my current state of limbo living is that the procedure was supposed to happen in early July. NOW. Unfortunately, I just found out that my Doc is on holiday until the middle of the month. The problem is, I'll need 4 - 6 weeks recovery and all my gigs were planned around this expectation. Now, I'm waiting for a date, which I have no idea when it will be and will need to start cancelling gigs in mid to late August to allow for recovery. So, I also don't have anything booked at the moment.

Fortunately, the good folks at The Canadiana are being very flexible with our THC Sunday afternoon slot and we'll be continuing there until the surgery happens.

I also got a last minute call from my friends at he Bramalea Rangers Club for Matt and I to bring some THC up there on July 8 as part of their CaraBram 2023 festivities. So I have something on the calendar.

Hopefully this all gets resolved soon and I get done what needs to get done and cone back better than ever!!

In the meantime, I hope to see you out there, somewhere, sometime!



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