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Sunday Soul @ The Shebeen

I'm always excited when the last Sunday of the month rolls around and the Sunday Soul Session gets into gear! This week the formidable John Johnson joins the group for what promises to be a fun filled afternoon of Classic Soul, R&B and whatever else we feel like playing! don't want to miss this!! I dedicate this show to Gale - her bravery and strength is an inspriaiton. Love is what we make it! Peace.


I'd like to take a minute to talk about my Solo performance. I think that they bring out the best in what an artist can deliver in the way of pure energy and excitement. As an entertainer who never "mails in" a show, I try to give %110 percent every song, every set, every night - whether there are 10 or 110 people in the room. What's more, as people know, I'm always open t requests and I'll actually go home and learn songs if I don't them. I think that people feel connected to what I do because of this approach. So, if you get the chance to catch a Solo night - drop by and check out what I mean when I say #SoloAcousticMayhem!! You may end up with a smile on your face. Peace!

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