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Sweet Life EP Now Available

During the Summer of 2018 Michael Theodore was undergoing treatment for throat cancer. 35 radiation treatments combined with 3 Chemo sessions over a 7 week period. During this difficult time music was the last thing on his mind, however, one night while sleeping a melody and lyric played out strong in a dream and woke him. He picked up his phone and softly sang the chorus into his phone, rolled over and fell back asleep. The next day Michael completed the song, writing Fly High!

Several weeks after completing treatment Michael was back to gigging with his quartet, The Sunday Sinners. He decided to perform Fly High even though the band hadn't yet heard it!!! By the time the song had reached it's outro the audience was singing along enthusiastically and the band was kicking in full gear. After the show Sinners' drummer Charlie Cooley approached Michael and exclaimed, "Dude, we've got to record that". Charlie took the initiative to get the ball rolling and produce the song along with 2 others which Michael had recently composed as well. 

This was the foundation of the EP Sweet Life.

In October of 2019 Michael and Charlie assembled some great musicians and friends together to lay down the initial bed tracks at Canterbury Studios in Toronto. What started on that 1 day session was the beginning of a project that would span over several months and intertwine with a worldwide pandemic. Zoom meetings and masked sessions followed at The Backroom Recording Studio but the eyes stayed on the prize and almost a full year later 3 new songs written by Michael Theodore and produced by Charlie Cooley were set to drop.

Fans were introduced to acoustic versions of Fly High, The Script and Gone during live Facebook shows that Michael performed every Sunday during the COVID 19 Lock Down. The positive response from listeners was both motivational and inspirational in getting Michael and Charlie to remain focused on the EP and working hard towards it's completion. Thanks to the fans for that!!  

The cover image for Sweet Life was taken by Michael in Hamilton, Ontario. The image struck Michael as intense and reflective of all he'd been through since the cancer diagnosis. The words written on discarded furniture on the side of the road seemed to sum it all up. Whatever's a Sweet Life. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride.


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Fly High - Michael Theodor
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