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Happy New Year!

Reflecting on the past year, I can’t help but think that, more and more, life is truly precious! Certainly, this can be attributed to my age, but also the milestones that occurred in my life over the past 365 days have been monumental.

My son got married. I retired from my 31-year job in education. I started a new career coaching teens. And I’ve dealt with illness and loss of close friends and family. I look back on that and think that I’m lucky to have healthy children, a comfortable home, and a loving wife to share it all with. Not to mention a group of fine friends who are supportive and kind.

The year ended with 2 awesome food drives. One at Merk Snack Bar in Hamilton, and the other at Timothy’s Pub. I was joined by great guests and friends, Virgil Scott, Johnny Max, Henry Szpiech and Krista Blondin. Over $5000 in food, cash and gift cards was raised for The YWCA Hamilton Women’s Shelter and the Alderwood Salvation Army.

Starting Jan 8, I'll be back at The Canadiana with THC - The Theodore Horner Combo every Sunday. We’re looking forward to returning to our Sunday residency in 2023!

Also, I'll be at The Carrigan Arms on Jan. 14, from 3-6pm and at Dakota's Sports Bar & Grill on Jan. 28 from 3-7pm with The Sunday Sinners.

So that’s what’s happening to start the new year. It looks like it will be a busy one btu if I’m learning from the past year, I’m really going to make a better attempt at finding time to relax and enjoy life to the best of my ability! I hope you can do the same. Happy New Year, folks.

See you out there somewhere, sometime, someplace.



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