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Feeling The Same - But Different!

It seems as though 2022 is starting off much the same way that 2020 and 2021 went, yet somehow it feels different. It's February and things are opening up again. Live music is coming back. Fans are in the stands and there's talk of full capacity coming to venues later this month! There seems to be hope in the air. Dare I say it??

For me it means a return to doing what I love most. Playing music with my friends, or on my own, to friends and fans who come out to watch and listen to the music. A simple concept tat we've been deprived of.

I performed, what I hope will be, my final Beat The Boredom online show with Special Guests Virgil Scott and Charlie Cooley. These shows were so important to me during the lock downs, just to allow me the opportunity to stay connected to my friends, family and supporters. To have my dear friends, Virgil and Charlie, with me for the Finale was off the hook!!

So, as we move ahead into the new year with high hopes of normalcy I am happy to be returning to Orwell's Pub for my Sunday Residency with Matt Horner! A little THC on a Sunday afternoon is good for the soul!

The Sunday Sinners, with Matt Horner, Gene Hardy, Charlie Cooley and myself, are also getting back into the groove on the 3rd Sunday of every month at Timothy's Pub!

I'm also hopeful that a new monthly Saturday afternoon will be opening up for The Sinners soon. Stay tuned!

The Carrigan Arms is also reopening this month with duos and trios. I'll be there on the 2nd Saturday of every month with The Kitchen Party Trio featuring Dave Russell and Matt Horner.

Solo Acoustic Mayhem returns to Merk Snack Bar in Hamilton on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Always a great time and chill vibe at Merk!

For all the details around time and location for all my gigs, please check the listings on the website's homepage.

Hope to see you somewhere, sometime!



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