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Cure The Summertime Blues!!

Summer is off to a huge start!! Great weather! Loads of music! And people getting out again. But... please remember, we’ve got to keep it safe! COVID is still out there and we all want to keep our loved ones healthy. With that said, all our venues are practising all the correct guidelines and procedures.

My regular appearances are continuing on throughout the Summer. So, you can still catch my solo shows, The Sunday Sinners, or THC duo as well as my different guest spots.

The Theodore Horner Combo – THC continues their residency on Sundays at The Canadiana Restaurant & Bar. Man, are we having a good time here. There is so much fun and interaction with the audience. Matt and I take requests all afternoon and really try to connect with the awesome mood of the room. If you haven’t been to The Canadiana, you’ve got to check it out!! Every Sunday, 1-4pm

The Sunday Sinners, featuring Matt Horner, Charlie Cooley and Gene Hardy, continue to bring their style of Classic Soul and R&B to Timothy's Pub on the 3rd Sunday of each month. The dance floor is happening, as is the great food and drink. Call for reservations if you plan on coming out – it can get pretty busy. This month it’s July 17, 5-9pm.

The Sunday Sinners, are also back at Dakota's Bar & Grill on the 4th Saturday of every month from 3-7pm, in July, that’s the 23rd. The band is still called The Sunday Sinners, even on a Saturday!! Why not, it’s sinfully delightful everyday!

That brings me to the 2nd Saturday of every month. That’s when Dave Russell, Matt Horner, and I get 1 or 2 talented friends to join us for some Saturday Matinee music at The Carrigan Arms, in Burlington. Next up is Aug. 13 with John Johnson on sax!!

Thursdays With Theodore is happening in the Alley-o at Merk Snack Bar in Hamilton. This month I’ll be there on Thursday, July 21st. Starting at 7pm. Merk is an awesomely, unique place with a chill vibe. Great food on the Tapas menu along with excellent cocktails and craft beers! Perfect for warm, Summer nights. If you haven’t been here’s time!!

On Saturday, Aug. 6 @ 2pm, I’ll be doing a 1 hour set at Clifford Brewing Co. As part of the Bash On Nash event! Live music from noon to 7pm!! I’ll be doing several originals from both CD’s as well as my recent EP and a few fave covers. For more info go to:

I’m keeping it busy, to keep me honest! Let the music play on...

See you somewhere, sometime. Peace!!


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