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Coming Up In 2023!

So? How are you liking 2023, so far??

Here we are, mid-January of the first calendar year that I’ve been retired from my school board job of 31 years! So far, so good, I say. I didn’t really make any resolutions, other than deciding to make a conscious effort to be good to myself in all things. Sounds easy, right? Not so much it seems. I’m doing what I can to stay busy, be healthy and stay happy. Just gotta take it In Stride!

Now, looking ahead at the months to come, I am continuing with some of my regular gigs, some new gigs and saying goodbye to some places.

My 3rd Sunday of the Month residency at Timothy’s Pub with The Sunday Sinners will go on in 2023. Be sure to check my website calendar to get the date. Matt Horner, Charlie Cooley, Gene Hardy and I make up quartet as we bang out the Classic Soul and R&B and Whatever Else We Feel Like Playing!!

The Sunday Sinners have also found a new home at The Irish Shebeen. Kind of a homecoming for us as that’s officially where the band started. We are there next on Friday, Match 3 from 8-midnight,

The Sinners will NOT be back at Dakota’s in 2023. We’ll miss the servers there.

My solo fun continues at Merk Snack Bar in Hamilton, as the Thursdays With Theodore residency happens on the 3rd Thursday of every month. 189 Ottawa St. N. 7pm

The Theodore Horner Combo – THC, is also back at The Legendary Canadiana every Sunday from 1-4pm. It really is a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Lastly, I'll be at The Carrigan Arms on Saturday, Feb. 18, from 3-6pm with the Saturday Matinee Band. Featuring Dave Russell, Matt Horner and Larry Bodnar

See you out there somewhere, sometime, someplace.



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