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August is filling up nicely!!

Finally!! A return to several venues returning to indoor dining and live music but it also looks like dancing may soon be part of the deal, too!!

The Theodore Horner Combo – THC, will be returning to The Carrigan Arms on the 14th, as that venue reboots for live music. Both Matt and I are thrilled to be back. We play from 3 – 6pm

On August 15th, I’ll be playing at The Rangers Club in Bramalea. The event is a BBQ which some Solo Acoustic Mayhem as well s a burger or dog.

Call the club for more info. 905 458 7718

Timothy's Pub has revived live music indoors. I’ll be there on the 22nd with Matt Horner. A little THC on a Sunday afternoon!?

I'm also happy to be coming back to the alley patio at Mark Snack Bar in Hamilton for some Solo Acoustic Mayhem. Thursday, August 19 at 7pm is my post pandemic debut at Merk.

We are obviously very excited about getting back into the groove and look forward to more shows together moving forward. In the meantime, all the above venues continue to promote customer safety and follow all COVID protocols to ensure that people stay safe while enjoying the patios and live music!

Lastly, please check out the new EP release, Sweet Life, featuring 3 new songs. Visit\ Also available at

Stay safe and I hope to see you out there somewhere, sometime!



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