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Summer 2020 Closes! Onward!

As 2020 plods along we find ourselves heading into the last week of August. So many questions remain unanswered and so many musicians and music rooms continue to try and reinvent themselves or simply pack it in. It's a sad state of affairs as we see the ripple effect that happens when the entertainment industry shuts down. So may great shows postponed and talented artists unable to perform. Others have managed to alter how we do business with virtual festivals and online concerts.

As for reinventing themselves, hats off to my friend and colleague, Charlie Cooley, who took on and completed his first foray into producing. I am thrilled with the results of our soon to drop EP 'Sweet Life'. During a pandemic, no less. Working with Charlie was an awesome experience and soon we will have more info on release dates and websites and where you can purchase some new Michael Theodore music!!!

In the meantime, Matt Horner and I (aka. The Theodore Horner Combo - THC) will be returning to The Legendary Moonshine Cafe in Oakville on Thursday, Sept. 3 at 8pm.

Also, I'll back at The Carrigan Arms in Burlington on Saturday, Sept. 12 with The Saturday Afternoon Bandstand.

Then on Sunday, Sept. 20 from 4-7 Timothy's Pub presents The Sunday Sinners Trio with Matt Horner and Charlie Cooley.

Remember, all of these venues are charging a small cover at the door to help support the return of live music in rooms that can only have 50% seating! Please continue to support live music rooms and the musicians who perform there. For all our sakes!

See you somewhere, sometime!


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