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Ernie's Roadhouse - Cambridge

This coming Friday I'll be returning to Ernie's Roadhouse (7 Queen St. West)in the Hespeler/Cambridge area with guitar great Asher Horowitz! Asher's brilliance on guitar always provides audiences with an opportunity to marvel at the talented way he covers every genre of music. From country picking to jazz chording to 70's rock - he does it all with smoothness and ease!

Ernie's is a great room in the heart of old Hespeler with loads of parking and a fine selection of craft beers. The vibe is very relaxed. We play 2 sets from 7 - 9pm. So it's a nice early night, too!!

I also want to take the opportunity to mention what a great time I had this past Saturday with Sil Simone and the band at Carrigan Arms. These guys just simply rock and make it so easy for a guest to come in and shine. The crowd is always appreciative and vibe kicks ass. Thanks for having me...I look forward to returning soon.


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