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2018 Food Drive - SUCCESS!!

Well The 11th Annual Food Drive is officially in the books and it's safe to say that some records were set! Over $3000. in food, coupons and cash were collected. WOW!!

A big thanks goes out to Tim and all the staff at Timothy's Pub for doing such a great job. Thomas Tommy Noble for covering the door and all the awesome musicians who gave their talent and time...Johnny Max, Krista Blondin, John Johnson, Virgil Scott, Mark Stafford, Walter E Lee, Zale Hamburg and Tom Griffiths, as well as The Sunday Sinners - Matt Horner and David Russell - and the Sinners who couldn't be there - Charlie Cooleyand Gene Hardy.

But mostly, to all of you!! The family, friends and fans who once again displayed how selfless and generous you are...all year you've shown me the kind of love and support that lifted me through some dark days and helped me find a light that lifted my spirits and helped me fight. I cannot thank you enough and I'll never forget that feeling! I'm a very lucky man and...I know it. Thank you!!

So...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to every one and Peace, Health and Happiness in 2019!


Raise Your Hand - A Tribute To Tom Jones and Janis Joplin

featuring Michael Theodore and Krista Blondin!

Feb. 16 8pm at The Army, Navy and Airfoce Club in MIssissauga


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