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Getting My Life Back!!

An Update:

It's been just over 2 weeks since my last radiation treatment. In total, I received 35 radiation and 3 chemo treatments, from May 3 to June 21. At times it was psychologically emotional and physically draining. The recovery process is long but encouraging. Radiation continues to "burn" for 3 - 4 weeks after treatment, so it's still wreaking some havoc while finishing its' job of killing my cancer. I'm eating some food but it's painful to swallow. I get very tired, very easily. I remain positive and will be meeting with my medical team this week and then again on the 27th. I anticipate good news.

I am planning to return to the stage for a few shows, here and there, because my soul needs it! !I'll be taking it slow though. I can tell you that I'll be at Timothy's with Matt Horner on July 28th from 5 - 8pm for their 20th Anniversary Party! YAY!!

Finally, I have to say once again, how moved I've been by all the words of encouragement, thoughts and prayers I received from so many people. All your well wishes gave me some much needed strength through some very hard times. Particularly those people who have been through there own cancer journey. So many of you shared your own story with me, in some cases, reliving your own difficult times. Sharing your experiences helped me so much. Thank you!

You don't expect to have to go through this in life yet we all know that this disease hits so many of us. It changes everything right from the start. Your plans, your routines and your life are put on hold. You go through every day fighting for your life and watching people who are also fighting for theirs. Some won't make it...more and more will, but the experience is unparalleled. I'm grateful for the knowledgeable workers at Juravinski who do such a great job, but more importantly do it while caring so much.

I'm lucky!! I'm surrounded by the love of a dedicated and supportive wife, an amazing family and caring friends. I'm getting my life back. Can't wait to see you!

My radiation mask!

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