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WOW!! Thank you ALL!

This year, I am once again blown away by the incredible generosity shown by the good people who came out to my 9th Annual Food Drive this past Sunday at Timothy's Pub. I am equally touched by the talented friends I've been so lucky to come to know over the past several years banging around the Toronto music scene, who gave their time to help make this years event the best yet!!

In fact, I don't know where to start - so...

Let's start with the people who we do this for. All proceeds from this year's Food Drive went directly to The YWCA'a Transitional Living Program which services distressed women at both Phoenix Place and Carol Ann's Place.

Together, we managed to raise well over $3000. in food, $300. cash and $510 in PC Gift Cards. Let me add that 1 generous soul was responsible for $500. of said gift cards. He's asked to reamin anonymous and I will respect that, but, I must say that I am truly overwhlemed by his unbelievable display of kindness and support for the cause. He did the same last year!!!!

Thank you, friend! Ay, Ay, Ay!!

Chantelle and Amanda holding the PC Gift Cards

On the evening of Dec. 20, I connected with Chantelle, the Women's Advocate at The YWCA, to deliver our 'Van Full Of Food'. She was beside herself! Chantelle expressed that this was the single largest donation they had ever recieved. She went on to say that just earlier today she was wondering how they would manage to get through the holidays with the limited supply of food they had in stock.There are presently 64 women living in transition who are benefitting from your benevolence and charity. Your donations were gratefully accepted!

Amanda and I and our Van Full Of Food!

Musically, the night was off the hook!! Ths Sunday Sinners (Matt Horner, Charlie Cooley and on sax for the night, Gene Hardy) were joined on stage by special guests Michael P Theodore and Peter Griffin. Other guests included, in no particular order, Krista Blondin, Johnny Max, Walter E Lee, Tom Griffiths, John Johnson, Tom Noble and Peter Boyd. Truly an unbelievable lineup!

Here are some pics from the night

left to right: Gene Hardy, Peter Boyd, Charlie Cooley, Matt Horner Peter Griffin

The Horn Section: Gene Hardy, John ohnson, Tom Noble

the horns: Gene Hardy, John Johnson, Tom Noble

Thanks to all and best wishes for 2017!


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