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A Little Midsummer Action

July still has has about 10 days left but I am working like crazy at current shows and prepping for what promises to be an active August!

This Sunday, July 24, I will be at The Shebeen (5555 Eglinton Ave. West) with The Sunday Band. Joining the group this time out will be keyboard player Rich Roxboro. The show, which usually goes the last Sunday of the month is actually a week early this month to accommodate my schedule. So be sure to check it off on your calendar!

In August, I’ll away for the first 2 weeks, then coming back with a vengeance.

On Aug. 20 The Carrigan Arms presents :

Michael Theodore performing ‘It’s Not Unusual – A Tom Jones Experience

This tribute has literally been 50 years in the making as I was doing Tom Jones impersonations when I was 2!! If you don't believe me - check out the pic below!!

The band for this event is second to none, featuring Rob Gusevs, Garth Vogan, Charlie Cooley, Kevin Vinneau and Larry Bodner.

Tickets are $10 and available at The Carrigan Arms, any of my shows or through emailing

On Aug. 21 I am returning to Timothy’s Pub with The Sunday Band. Back by popular demand after our packed house July appearance it looks as though we may be making a regular monthly habit of Sundays at Timothy’s!

Something to look forward to.


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