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Celebrating a Milestone

This past Saturday I was honoured to be a part of the celebration for Howard Parker who was turning 90. Howie, as he continues to be affectionately known, was a regular visitor at Timothy's Pub back when The 4 Piece Trio performed there on Sundays.

This time I was out at daughter Sara's beautiful farm house in Ridgetown with close family. Howie was thrilled by my surprise appearance at the party and we spent hours enjoying the occasion with food, wine and song!

I'm always humbled by the impact that I, as an artist, can have on the people I meet doing what I do. When someone can be so moved or touched by the way I perform a song that they feel they want to include me in a close family event, I realize that I am so fortunate to get to do what I do and meet so many wonderful people.

The Parker family was super friendly, totally relaxed and completely generous.

Thank you so much for allowing me be a part of this night - I will always treasure the memory.


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