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April - No Foolin'

Ahhh...The feel of Spring!! Nothing like it. And with that there are several things coming up.

The first Saturday of the month finds me playing at The Muckish with my partner in crime, Igor Romanyk, as The Stone Feathers make there monthly appearance at this fine little Irish Pub in Scarborough. I'm also returning to one of my fave spots...The Corner House Pub. The vibe in this little place is truly energizing for me and I have come to look forward to my Saturday evenings there.

I am working tirelessly on perfecting my Tom Jones Experience, which is coming up this August in Burlington at The Carrigan Arms and continuing to explore new rooms in Hamilton where I can start playing as well. Make sure to keep up with the calender to stay up to date on what's going on!!

The new EP is coming together also. I'm not sure what format to release it yet but it may be a 'gift' for all those who have been supporting me through the years. Details will be forthcoming.

On a personal note - I am loving living in 'The Hammer' more and more. There is a lot to experience and a wide variety of great restaurants, music and art that I've yet to explore...more than I ever suspected.

Speaking of exploring: My daughter is headed out on a European excursion with some school friends. She is living the life while spending the year in the UK...and why not. My son started a job at Tommy Hilfiger and the boy is ecstatic! Great co workers and discount on cool threads!! Nice to see the kids happy.

So, as Spring moves on into Summer I'm feeling good about what's happening. Hope you are , too!!


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