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D'Addario Kicks Ass!!

In the world we live in, where more and more people tend to tune out and focus on nobody but themselves, I was touched by a recent occurence which happened to me during a gig. As you may know, I perform solo every other Saturday at The Corner House Pub in Beaches area of Toronto. 2 weeks ago I met a group of people who were enjoying the music from close by to the stage. I struck up a conversation with them and soon discovered that one the women in the group, Suzanne, worked for D’Addario. Well, I have used D’Addario strings for as long as I can remember and love their sound and quality, not to mention their toughness, as I tend to bang the strings pretty hard when I get going. I began to pull out box after box of used D’Adarrio strings that I always keep on hand in case of an emergency, much to the amusement of Suzanne and her friends. As I continued on with my performance i reminded the audience that I am at The Corner House every other Saturday and thus finished my night at my scheduled time...with an added few minutes for an encore...just saying!!!

This past Saturday I was back at The Corner House for my scheduled show and again was pleased to see Suzanne and her group of friends. This time she presented me with 3 sets of my usual D’Addario Phosphor Bronze 13s as well as 2 sets of the EXP Coated variety. She remembered the brand of string I used, the date I’d be back and then was kind enough to provide me with this thoughtful gift!

Needless to say I am now a D’Addario fan for life, although I already was but the good deed goes a long way!!

Thank you Suzanne and D’Addario!!


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