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Benefit Concert for Nepal

So much important stuff going these next few weeks!! Not the least of which is I'm packing up and leaving T.O. for Hamilton!! Toronto has been home to me for more than 25 years, and I’ve loved raising my kids here and especially calling the East end/ Beach area ‘home’...but to tell you the truth I've been unimpressed with the massive development, seemingly unplanned, that has sprung up all over the city like an uncontrollable virus causing traffic mayhem and general headaches for anyone trying to coexist in this major metropolis!! So, Hamilton here we come!! I’m looking forward to learning about a new city and getting to know the vibrant music scene that lives and breathes.

Before I head out (and don’t worry...I still plan on keeping most, if not all of my T.O. gigs) I do have a couple of great events coming up. And, I mean EVENTS!!!

First – this Sunday, June 7, I am once again MCing and performing at The 3rd Annual Scotia Bank Bed Race. This event, held at Mississauga Celebration Square, has gotten bigger and better every year and I’ve been there for all them!! I’m looking forward to calling the races, performing and mostly seeing the happy faces on all the kids who come out to this family event. This is truly where you want to be for a good day and a great cause!! Learn more here

Second – I have once again been asked to perform my award winning song, In Stride, for Team KPMG, at their Annual Pasta Dinner leading up to their ‘Ride To Conquer Cancer’. They have adopted the song as their inspirational anthem which brings me so much joy. Knowing that there is a lot of great work being done as a result of the proceeds raised from events such as ‘The Ride’ (last year over $20 000 000) helps make this annual show extra special The fact that I lost my mom to cancer makes it resonate even more for me!!

Third – I have been asked to participate in an event to support the people of Nepal! I don’t to remind anyone of the shocking and horrific images that were projected through our devices following the devastating Earthquake that struck the region not long ago. The aftershocks alone were unbelievably damaging. Several Toronto musicians, including myself, have volunteered to perform at a benefit concert to support the cause.l Vive Nepal will take place at The Revival Bar on College Street, Thursday, June 11 from 7 – 11pm. I will be performing with my full band featuring Tom Griffiths, Rob Gusves, Wayne DeAdder, Gary Taylor and John Johnson. For more info please follow this link


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