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Searchlight SEMI-FINALS.

Thanks to the support of fans and friends, I have advanced to the semi final round in the CBC's Search for Canada's Best New Artist Contest. That means I have made it to the top 25 in Toronto as a result of your votes!!!

I am always grateful and often overwhelmed by the wonderful appreciation people have shown me in regards to my music. The first few 'rounds' of this competition are solely based on votes and because of that it is essentially a ‘popularity contest’. That, in itself, makes me even more grateful at the undying devotion that is bestowed upon me by a small yet powerful and determined group of people!!

The final results of this contest are based on the opinions of accomplished industry artists who will judge the songs based on pre determined criteria. My hope is that, together, we can get to that stage of the competition and let the pieces fall where they may!! Without your help, devotion and support I wouldn’t even be here!!! Let’s do it!




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