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CBC Searchlight 2015

A couple of years ago I entered a competition run by CBC Radio known as the Search For Canada's Best New Artist. I don't think I'm that new to a lot of people but to the general population of our fair country, I am!!! Thanks to the support from my super amazing fan base I placed in top 20 for the city of Toronto (obviously one of the largest regions of the contest!).

Well, I've entered again this year and I am hoping to get your support once more and go further into the competition than I did last time. So the song I've entered now is "Leaving Familiar".

The voting starts on March 30 and you can vote every day as well as multiple times a day!! You may also vote on different, if you have an ipad or tablet, a work or home PC or even your phone - You can vote every day on all your devices!!!

Go to and follow the Searchlight link to Michael Theodore - Leaving Familiar!!

Vote often - Every day!!

I've attached the new "official" Leaving Familiar video for you here. Enjoy!!


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