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Fun At The Corner House Pub

Lately, I've been having some fun at a familiar address with a new decor, name and vibe. The new Corner House Pub (formerly MaCarthy's) has been totally revamped and redecorated with a stage for live music. a new bar, a great kitchen and renovated washrooms! I've been palying a few early evening sets on some select Saturdays and the response has been fantastic. The audiences are warm and lively and are eager to sing along or shout out requests. Last night, someone called out for the Tom Jones classic Delilah and so it was we were all singing along to the great 60's song of deceit and jealousy! caught on film, I decided to upload it here on the website to show you all the kind of mayhem we've been getting up to at The Corner House Pub (1801 Gerrard St.).

My next visit there will be on Saturday March 28 at 7pm

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