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Return To Timothy's

This Friday night, Feb. 6 at 9pm, I am returning to one of my favourite music rooms, Timothy's Pub!! Located at 344 Brown's Line, the room is known for it's live music and now boasts a new stage and sound system.

What also has me excited about this show is that it's the debut of my new soul/R&B group, The Soul Purpose. The band is comprised of the same musicians that accompanied me in The Sunday Matinee Show Band but will now be known as The Soul Purpose!!

For this Fridays show the unbeleivable John Johnson will be playing sax. Matt Horner and Robbie Rox round out the band. We will be performing a wide selection of classic Soul and R&B along with some original music from both my cd's! I've attached a live recording of 'In Stride' featuring Johnson on sax from my CD release a couple of years ago.

After having been off for a month recovering from eye surgery I must admit that I am really excited to be coming back to the stage with this ensemble! Shoul be a great night.

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