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Happy New Year!! Please?

Good-bye, and good riddance to 2021!!

I know a lot of people share that sentiment, but I’d like to also reflect on how fortunate I feel to have healthy kids who are doing well, a great wife, partner and friend who stands by my side and supports me, a roof over my head, food in my stomach as well as friends and fans who continue to love me and my music! I am truly feeling lucky and blessed.

With that said... I sure hope 2022 brings us back to some of the normalcy we had before March 2020! Live music, large gatherings and going out with friends would be a great start.

My 14th Annual Food Drive was another great success this year thanks to all the generous folks who gave cash, gift cards and food totalling over $3000. for 2 different organizations. This year all proceeds were split between the YWCA Women’s Shelter in Hamilton and the Alderwood Salvation Army. A big thanks goes out to our special guests Kathleen Lovett and Johnny O. You guys were awesome!

As it happens, with bars, clubs and restaurants going to 50% capacity, being a solo and duo artist has some advantages. I will be performing quite a bit this January, IF things continue to stay the course. Stay tuned for any Moving Into 2022!!upcoming news on live music and bar closures.

The Theodore Horner Combo – THC, continues to make Sundays fun days at Orwell’s Pub! The folks there are so awesome and appreciative of the live music we’re providing! It’s a feel-good situation all around. We will be there every Sunday starting up again on Jan. 2!

The Carrigan Arms is continuing with live music, however we will be downsizing to a trio! It’s a good news, bad news situation in that we won’t have the full band but I still get to make some music with Matt Horner and Dave Russell!!

I’m also back at Harry’s Pub on the Hamilton Beach!! I’ll be bringing some Solo Acoustic Mayhem there on Saturday, Jan. 15 from 4-7pm. It’s a great local spot in a great location on Beach Blvd right by the Skyway!

Meanwhile, Solo Acoustic Mayhem returns Merk Snack Bar on Ottawa St. N in Hamilton is where I’ll be on Thursday, Jan. 20 at 7pm. Merk is a super cool venue with great cocktails, local beers and an awesome tapas menu. You’ve got to check it out.

Timothy’s Pub will also be hosting live music but once again we will be downsized to the duo. Matt Horner and I provide some Tim’s THC on Sunday, Jan. 16

Thanks everyone. Be good and stay safe! See you out there somewhere, sometime.



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