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Getting Settled!!

Well!!! The past month has been quite the whirlwind! It wasn’t too long ago that we made up our minds and decided on a house in Hamilton. I must admit that the things I thought would be most difficult, like the commute and adapting to a new city, have proven to be the easiest part of it all. The most difficult part has to be the distance I am now from my kids! And although I know it will all change in the Fall anyway when my son moves to Kingston and my daughter goes to England...right now it’s a little tougher the when they were a short bus ride away!

The other stuff has been awesome. Our ‘new’ community is warm and friendly and very welcoming and we are absolutely in love with our new home! Now if we can manage to figure out where everything goes and get the rest of the boxes unpacked we will really feel settled in.

In the meantime...the music continues!! I have agreed to begin a residency at The Shebeen on Thursday evenings. Most of you are familiar with The Shebeen as the venue where I perform on the last Sunday of every month with my Soul and R&B band The Soul Purpose. What I like about this added day (I am still doing the last Sunday of the month spot) is that I am performing solo, which means that the diversity of my set list is expanded considerably to include more original music as well as some newer songs and some obscure numbers that you might not often hear!

The new Thursday night slot is from 6 – 10pm at The Shebeen (5555 Eglinton Ave. West) and starts on July 9.

Hope to see you there or perhaps on the streets of the Hammer!!!

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