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Heading to Thorold

As I enter this Blog on a Thursday I am preparing to head off to The Irish Shebeen for another night od Acoustic Mayhem - Thursdays With Theodore! These nights of solo performance have really expanded my repertoire considerably and forced me work on my guitar skills. I know, I's about time!!

Also in line with broadening my musical scope is the upcoming performance I have at Donnelly's Pub in Thorold on the afternoon of May 7. I will be the quest of Brant Parker and his band doing a selection of Soul/R&B and Blues! I'm looking forward to playing with this fine crop of talent. If you're in the Thorold area please drop in and say, "Hi!".

You may have noticed that website also has a new feature - my interactive Facebook link! You can comment directly on my page and it will immediately appear on the website. I'm hopeful that this new feature will heighten communication between me and my supporters as well as be a fun way to post your thoughts. Feel free to ask for requests or post pictures from shows. Also, if you have another artist you like, post their material here so we can all share. There's plenty of room out there for everyone!

So keep your toes tapping and your hands clapping and I hope to see you out there somewhere, sometime.


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