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D'Addario Kicks Ass!!

In the world we live in, where more and more people tend to tune out and focus on nobody but themselves, I was touched by a recent occurence which happened to me during a gig. As you may know, I perform solo every other Saturday at The Corner House Pub in Beaches area of Toronto. 2 weeks ago I met a group of people who were enjoying the music from close by to the stage. I struck up a conversation with them and soon discovered that one the women in the group, Suzanne, worked for D’Addario. Well, I have used D’Addario strings for as long as I can remember and love their sound and quality, not to mention their toughness, as I tend to bang the strings pretty hard when I get going. I began to pul

BBBX - The Fight Against Cancer!

This weekend I will be performing a 1 hour set at a very special event. The Barn Burner Bash is an annual, day long music festival taking place in Glen Allan, Ontario (about 1/2 hour North of Waterloo. Proceeds from this event go the fight against cancer and through ticket sales this year the organizers have already raised over $60,000. The day is capped off by the actual burning of a miniature barn that is erected for the event!! My set will be from 2-3pm and will feature bith covers and originals from both my CD's. It looks like the weather will be beautiful for this day and the music will be plentiful...all for a good cause!! Hope to see you there! Peace.

Getting Settled!!

Well!!! The past month has been quite the whirlwind! It wasn’t too long ago that we made up our minds and decided on a house in Hamilton. I must admit that the things I thought would be most difficult, like the commute and adapting to a new city, have proven to be the easiest part of it all. The most difficult part has to be the distance I am now from my kids! And although I know it will all change in the Fall anyway when my son moves to Kingston and my daughter goes to England...right now it’s a little tougher the when they were a short bus ride away! The other stuff has been awesome. Our ‘new’ community is warm and friendly and very welcoming and we are absolutely in love with our new home

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