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The Soul Purpose

Originally formed as the Sunday Matinee Show Band for a run at Toronto's The Shebeen, the sound and feel of the classic R&B abd Soul repetoire became contagious and the band soon began finding work in other venues as well as remaining on for a monthly Sunday afternoon slot. Hence the birth of 'Soulectiricty'. The band features keyboard montser, Matt Horner, whose fluidity and prowess on the piano always keep listeners amazed. Long time friend and conga man, Robbie Rox, keeps the beat while adding superlative backing vocals while Sax man Rich Howse nails down the horns that make the 60s Soul sound so great!













Formed in 2012 for the recording of the CD, 'Leaving Familiar', Michael brought together a group of musicians whose track record for excellence is matched only by the friendship shared between them. Rob Gusevs (The Arrows, The Sisters Euclid, Johnny Max Band) provides supberb piano and organ dexterity combined with a unique laid back style. Gary Taylor (Sisters Euclid, Ian Thomas) drums with so much feel and imagination that he brings percussion to life in a way seldom heard anywhere. Tom Grffiths (Dan Hill, Corey Hart, Cameo Blues Band) rounds out the rythym section with bass grooves and fretless finesse that allows the music to breath and move along  in a most natural way. Finally, Wayne "Shifty" DeAdder (Jimmy Bowskill, Big Dadddy G, Johnny Max Band)  gives the guitar guts on every track with a smoothness to his picking and strumming that seems to marry the styles of Keith Richards and Robbie Robertson!














The Stone Feathers

Juno Award winning violinist, Igor Romanyk, provides the "Feathers" with the silky, satin sound of his instrument, while Michael's rocking strumming and powerhouse vocals gives the "Stone" for this dynamic duo. Together they perform a wide variety of music including sevral Irish favourites and some original songs as well. The group can often be found playing in Irish Pubs in Toronto's East end, notably The Feathers and Muckish Irish Pub! Robbie Rox occasionally joins the group forming a formidable trio.


Matt Horner

Robbie Rox

Rich Howse

Igor Romanyk

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